Kyrie Irving at Press Conference

In many ways, the NBA has come to represent the transformation of the left in America. The league that’s but a shell of its former greatness embraced with gusto the Marxist-linked Black Lives Matter movement following the death of Minneapolis drug addict George Floyd and all but kneeled before the Chinese Communist Party while discouraging players from making political statements about China.

So it comes as no surprise that an NBA player is displaying solidarity with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip in the aftermath of Palestinian terrorists savagely attacking and killing 1,400 mostly civilians in Israel — the left has aligned with Hamas while openly attacking Jews and are calling for a ceasefire as Israel defends itself from those who want to wipe them from the face of the earth.

Dallas Mavericks player Kyrie Irving showed up at a postgame press conference Saturday wearing a keffiyeh, discussing the team’s 132-125 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks — the player did not allude to why he was wearing the traditional headdress worn by many Palestinians and the cowardly media was too afraid to ask.


WATCH: Kyrie Irving Stirs Controversy with Palestinian Keffiyeh at Press Conference Kyrie Irving, a notable Dallas Mavericks player, recently garnered attention by wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh. Irving declared himself a committed Muslim in 2021 but has no cultural connection… — UngaTheGreat (@UngaTheGreat) November 20, 2023

The NBA has thus far been silent over Irving’s stunt — the league did release a statement after the Oct.7 terrorist attack: “The NBA and NBPA mourn the horrific loss of life in Israel and condemn these acts of terrorism. We stand with the people of Israel and pray for peace for the entire region.”

As for Irving, who converted to Islam in 2021, it’s fair to say he was working up to Saturday’s attention-screaming moment — apparently with the support of the Dallas Mavericks, which are owned by Mark Cuban.

The team’ shared online photos of Irving at practice Friday wearing the Chinese shoe brand he now reps, complete with the handwritten political message: “No More Genocide.”

Office for the day #MFFL — Dallas Mavericks (@dallasmavs) November 17, 2023

Irving was dropped by Nike last year after he was suspended by the Brooklyn Nets for eight games for linking to an anti-Semitic movie and book in a social media post — Brooklyn traded Irving to Dallas earlier this year. The player would later admit the movie contained “some false anti-Semitic statements, narratives, and language that were untrue and offensive to the Jewish Race/Religion.”

Phil Knight, Nike’s co-founder, said at the time, “Kyrie stepped over the line. It’s kind of that simple. He made some statements that we just can’t abide by and that’s why we ended the relationship. And I was fine with that.”

Four days after the atrocities by Hamas, as Israel went on the offensive against the Islamic terrorists, Irving took to X to blast the media: “Crimes are being committed against humanity and most of you are silent.”

Where are all you tough talking Media Heads that get on TV and social platforms to condemn people who stand by the oppressed?? Crimes are being committed against humanity and most of you are silent. Cat got your tongue? Or you’re afraid of actually standing for something real — Chief Hélà (@KyrieIrving) October 11, 2023