Dave Rubin & Megyn Kelly

Independent journalist Megyn Kelly called out the “bunch of twits” on the mainstream media who don’t bother to do their “homework” when it comes to accurate reporting.

In an appearance with Dave Rubin on ”The Rubin Report” Wednesday, Kelly spoke about the challenges of finding trustworthy news sources amid the media’s click-bait frenzy, especially in light of the current crisis in Israel.

The former Fox News host questioned the wisdom of showing many of the horrific images from Israel as Hamas terrorists brutalize citizens with reports of murders, rapes and kidnappings.

“There were certain lines that you wouldn’t cross as a news organization, you know, on cable, and I’m having that same feeling now. Like, can you show the absolute rape and murder and torture of human beings in Israel? Can you?” Kelly asked. “We can show it. It’s just there’s only so much the human heart can take.”

She shared how the current situation in Israel has left her feeling heavy-hearted and is affecting her daily interactions with friends and family as well as her own sleep.

“You have to make a decision to protect yourself,” she said of journalists and media covering the atrocities being perpetrated by Hamas, “and be able to report on it without feeling the heaviness of it otherwise, you can’t get through it.”

She noted that after the horrors being seen and reported, she understands and agrees with those who are calling for Gaza to be “razed” and that it should “look like a parking lot” in response.

Recalling her time at Fox News, Kelly noted how the network’s anchors handled similar events well and never hesitated in showing viewers “what was being done to Israel by its enemies, Hamas included.”

The same could not be said about the state of the current mainstream media, however, as she contended that most of the liberal hosts now “have gone exactly the same way that we saw them go during BLM,” referring to the mass rioting that unfolded in 2020 following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

She added that this is not an issue that should divide people and the mainstream media should be direct in its presenting of facts. Kelly pointed how how “there’s a reason that [President] Joe Biden sounds for the most part a lot like you and me right now.”

“His core message was a good one, and I agreed with what he was saying,” she said.


Rubin set his focus on the state of the mainstream media again.

“I actually think that this moment is like, to me, is actually causing a massive shift – almost the final shift – in what we needed where the mainstream media will not be relevant anymore and online will be,” he said. “But I’m also a little concerned because…there are an awful lot of people who talk for a living who have no idea what they’re talking about and know nothing about history and who have huge audiences and with confuse people, either intentionally or not.”

Kelly agreed, noting that the monetization of X, formerly Twitter, has made it more lucrative for people to be “provocative” and get more engagement which she sees as “problematic.”

“On something this complex, you really do need to be choosy about where you get your info,” she said.

“Most of these anchors on CNN or MSNBC,” Kelly told Rubin, are “a bunch of twits who have absolutely no education on any of this stuff and are too lazy to do their homework.”

“They want to be stars, Dave,” she added.

“They don’t actually want to be your guide through something as complex as the Israeli-Palestinian relationship,” she explained. “They want what gets them clicks, and what gets you clicks amongst the young people today is to say that Israel is a colonizer and that they’re the oppressor and that you’re on the side of the oppressed.”