Illegal Immigrants at Eagle Pass Texas

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

Portraying the recently defeated Senate border bill as serious legislation plays into the Joe Biden regime’s polarization strategy. The regime and its antiliberty Democrat partners created the bill to dishonestly blame Republicans for the planned border crisis that has become a political liability.

Since illegal immigration is the most pressing electoral issue in 2024, Democrats wanted to deflect from their role in flooding the country with illegals. They knew the bill would not pass and that their partner media would misrepresent this as the GOP snidely backing open borders for electoral purposes.


Too few voters and independent media outlets understand the regime’s polarization strategy: falsely divide society into victims and oppressors.

Bill Clinton convinced the public through demonization of special counsel Ken Starr that the president was the victim and not the bad actor. Democrats then learned they could get away with this type of manipulation.

Going after George W. Bush during the second Iraq War further confirmed the effectiveness of deceitful narratives. “Bush lied, people died” echoed throughout the media.

Barack Obama, the master of manipulation and lies, took deceit to a new level. He executed an Alinskyite polarization effort to divide the country over race. Obama used Hillary Clinton’s phony Trump-Russia collusion narrative to attempt to steal the 2016 election and then to undermine Donald Trump’s administration. Democrats’ have demonized and undermined Trump since 2015, especially during his tenure as president.

The US public has largely fallen for the lies leveled at the regime’s opposition. It is the only strategy the regime has left to attempt to retain power. Regime supporters hate and fear Trump and so-called MAGA extremists so much that they cannot apply reason to events.

Unaware of this strategy, many regime opponents fall into the trap of debating issues superficially. They do not understand the larger context of the regime’s manipulation and the danger it represents to our liberty.

The Wall Street Journal advocated for the border bill, saying it was an improvement over the status quo. Their arguments, however, assumed the regime intended to implement the bill’s provisions. The record shows that is a foolish assumption.

The regime purposely created the border crisis and could end it at will. Had Republicans acquiesced to the bill, they would have given the regime undeserved, credibility. By rejecting it, the regime can argue Republicans want the crisis as a get-out-the-vote issue.

The regime wins either way. We must see through this.

The larger context entails the regime attempting to dismantle our constitutional republic and replace it with a one-party state. The regime proposed in early 2021 an Orwellian named voting bill-–the For the People Act-–that should have been called the Democrat Fraud Protection Act. To circumvent its unconstitutionality, the regime sought to increase the number of Supreme Court justices. Partisan political hacks would then rule it constitutional.

The regime plan failed because two Democrat senators refused to kill the filibuster. If Democrats control the presidency and the Congress next year, they will again attempt to implement these measures.

The regime’s worst nightmare is for people to objectively evaluate Trump’s and Biden’s records. That is because the regime’s foreign and domestic policies have one common thread: the United States loses.

The regime has promoted inflation, reduced domestic energy production, and conspired with social and legacy media to unconstitutionally censor information. The regime has weakened our military with attention to pronouns and identity politics instead of battle preparedness. The regime has politicized justice making us look Third-Worldly and has opened the country to terrorists by not enforcing immigration laws.

The regime has tilted energy production away from the United States to enemies Iran, Russia, and Venezuela. The regime has armed the terrorist Taliban, empowered Iran to massacre Israelis and attack key shipping lanes, and empowered China—putting us and Taiwan at greater risk. The regime has backed socialists throughout Latin America who align with Iran, Russia, and China.

For the regime to win an election with such a record, it must cheat and deceive. In his signature 1971 work, Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky wrote: “All issues must be polarized … One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.” This is almost never true, but it is politically effective because it takes advantage of the human tendency to blame the other and resist introspection.

The regime and its partners portray Trump as anti-black despite his opportunity zones and the many prominent black people who have worked with and supported him. They say Trump is antisemitic despite having three Jewish grandchildren. They have portrayed Trump and his supporters as insurrectionists, even when evidence points towards his enemies turning the January 6 Capitol protest violent.

The border bill was a ploy to hide the record and blame Republicans for the regime-created border disaster. Americans who want to be free and prosperous must recognize the Biden regime’s real agenda of destroying the United States to conquer it. We cannot afford to treat the current situation as politics as usual. This enables the regime’s manipulation.

We must focus on defeating the Biden regime’s totalitarian plans. Then we can argue among ourselves about how to improve our country.