According to the first Mexican-born woman to serve in the House of Representatives, there’s a simple explanation for the shocking amount of money billionaire George Soros is spending in Texas to get Democrats to vote in 2024, and it isn’t because the left is doing great in the Lone Star State.

“They’re absolutely scared,” former Republican lawmaker Mayra Flores told Fox News Digital.


Flores pointed to the Texas Majority PAC,  “a project dedicated to electing a Democrat to statewide office in Texas,” according to its website, that is partially funded by Soros.

Traditionally, Hispanics have voted Democrat, but Flores said many are now voting Red.

Hispanics become majority demographic in key red state for the first time — BPR (@BIZPACReview) June 27, 2023

“They’re seeing that Hispanics are shifting towards the Republican Party because they’re realizing that we are the party of prosperity, that we want to build a strong economy, that we want to secure the border, that we want to prioritize the people of this country and not prioritize people from outside this country,” she told Fox News Digital. “And I believe that it’s our policies that are winning people over, and the struggle is real.”

“George Soros and the Democratic Party are seeing people like myself that resonate with the Hispanic community,” she explained. “They resonate with me. I resonate with them. We have similar stories. I’m bilingual. I speak Spanish and English. We have similar stories, and we share that bond.”

The PAC is being run by Democrat Beto O’Rourke’s failed 2022 gubernatorial campaign staffers, according to The Texas Tribune. It quietly raised nearly $2.25 million last year.

“According to a Fox News Digital analysis of Texas Majority PAC’s Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings, Soros has given $850,000 as of Dec. 27, $750,000 of which he gave during the first half of 2023 when the group only raised $752,040,” Fox News Digital reports.

The PAC’s deputy executive director, Katherine Fischer, said in a statement to The Tribune that the contributions will help local liberal groups register, contact, and turnout voters “on a scale never seen before.”

It’s an ambitious goal, considering Democrats “have tried, but failed, to gain traction in a number of major state-wide races in addition to O’Rourke’s 2022 bid,” Fox News Digital notes. “The closest they came was in 2018, when O’Rourke, a former El Paso area congressman, ran for Senate against incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. In a year with high Democrat turnout as a backlash to the presidency of former President Donald Trump, O’Rourke came within three points of beating Cruz.”

Once again, Cruz is in the Texas Majority PAC’s crosshairs as he seeks his third term.

According to Flores, the number of Hispanics who are now supporting Republican candidates has only grown in recent years.

“They’re scared. They’re absolutely scared. And they don’t want Republican Hispanics like myself to win over other Hispanics,” she told Fox. “And they know that we’re moving that shift every cycle.”

Flores is herself campaigning to win back her seat in Texas’ 34th Congressional District after losing it to Democrat Rep. Vicente Gonzalez following Texas’ redistricting ahead of the 2022 midterms.

I am excited to announce that I have officially filed for Texas Congressional District 34. The district includes Hidalgo, Cameron, Kenedy, Willacy and Kleberg County. I’m running to help restore the American Dream for future generations to come We must secure our borders,… — Mayra Flores Vallejo (@MayraFloresTX34) December 5, 2023

She likes her chances.

“The American people right now are struggling to pay their rent and their mortgage. They’re a paycheck away from being homeless, and they remember what it was like under the Trump administration,” Flores said. “They know that when he was in office, they had more money in their pockets.”

“Right now they’re not enjoying their money. Their money is going into all the bills and interest rates. They’re not able to enjoy life,” she stated. “And that’s not the American dream.”