Vince Ricci, a Los Angeles entrepreneur on his way home last Saturday evening from the gym, was forced to defend himself and his family when two armed suspects tried to force their way into his home — his wife and 5-month-old daughter were inside, along with a nanny and a friend.

Fortunately for Ricci, he is a licensed concealed carry holder and was armed at the time. The dramatic confrontation was recorded by his surveillance cameras and showed one of the men rushing up behind him as he approached his front door. Quick with his reflexes, Ricci threw a piping hot cup of tea he was holding at the man and after pulling his weapon found himself in a terrifying gun battle with the would-be crooks.

He spoke to Fox News about the encounter and is demanding that local officials prosecute criminals who are terrorizing law-abiding residents.

LA homeowner fights back against armed intruders. Make this go viral! — American Firearms Association (@2A_Freedom) November 6, 2023

“Every single person that I know has gotten stuck up,” Ricci told the network. “It’s not normal.”

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“Out of nowhere, boom, I had a gun to my back,” he recounted. “And there was another guy running up at the same time and I couldn’t really make out what he was saying.”

“It was burning my hand and I couldn’t wait to go into the house and put honey in the tea so I could drink it,” Ricci explained. “I f–king slammed him in the face [with the tea].”

Ricci , who has years of experience boxing, insisted he’s not John Wick, but said, “I can handle myself decently well.”

“As I went to grab the gun, he turned and he’s holding my sleeve – I think so I wouldn’t hit him – and when I went to go get the gun, I shook him off. He backed up and went to turn around, and I charged at him to grab him,” he said.

“At that point. I knew I was getting shot by the other guy and I couldn’t see who else was coming in. And this kid was also turning back around with a gun pointed back at me, and I just started firing and they both started firing,” Ricci said. “The one kid shot one, the other kid shot twice. And then after that, they hopped over the fence, they continued to keep shooting at me.”

According to Ricci, a group of criminals have been targeting homes in his neighborhood and his home was broken into back in June and his car was targeted prior to that.

He denounced the “sloppy police” response when he filed a report and called on left-wing LA District Attorney George Gascon to stop “picking the wrong people to go after” and to start charging criminals.

Ricci told Fox News Gascon is “not gonna care” about his case, adding: “This Gascon is screwing [the cops] so much, that he’s not gonna take up the case either way.”

He is also appropriately concerned that some may want to “crucify” him as a legal gun owner.

“I know I didn’t do anything wrong, because I had two chances I could have shot both kids in the back. I chose not to do it. But in the video, it looks like ‘oh, they were running away.’ They weren’t running. They were firing back at me,” Ricci explained.

Originally from the Bronx in New York, Ricci is ironically considering going back to the city because of the crime in California.

“I came here for a better life. I don’t want to run out of fear, but I’m not gonna stubbornly keep my family here if it’s not safe,” he said. “This is not normal. This isn’t worth it. I’d rather just go back to living in an apartment building in the Bronx. This would never happen there.”

As might be expected, Ricci said his wife was traumatized by the incident and the possibility that her husband could have been killed in the shootout.