Palestine protest Manhattan Bridge

New York City’s Manhattan Bridge was shut down for hours on Sunday as pro-Palestinian protesters descended on the location.

Many of the activists demanded a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas despite the temporary halt of the conflict since Friday as hostages were being released. Shouting “Let Gaza Live” and with many sporting shirts that declared “Cease Fire Now,” the protesters snarled traffic at the end of the Thanksgiving weekend as they sat at the entrance and exit ramp of the bridge.

“For more than three hours on Sunday, organizers with Jewish Voice For Peace estimate more than 1,500 protesters blocked traffic on the Manhattan Bridge, as they lent their voices and their support in calling for a permanent cease fire in Gaza,” Spectrum News reported, adding that multiple arrests were made.

“We are here to say no business as usual in the train stations, in the businesses, in the hall of Congress until the U.S. demands a full cease fire now,” Elena Stein, director of organizing strategy for Jewish Voice For Peace, said.


BREAKING: 1,500 Jews, Palestinians, rabbis, imams, pastors, parents, and elected officials for a ceasefire are risking arrest at the Manhattan Bridge. We represent the majority of people in the US. 66% of Americans and 80% of Democrats want the bombing of Gaza to stop. — Jewish Voice for Peace (@jvplive) November 26, 2023

“Business as usual cannot continue, as thousands of Palestinians are trapped under the rubble,” activist Jay Saper, of the same organization, told the New York Post.

“We’ve gathered to raise our voices for a permanent and lasting cease-fire. The majority of Americans are with us, polling shows that,” Saper added. “We’re elevating the voices of New Yorkers who are calling for a cease-fire.”

Organizers just announced that there are literally not enough cops to arrest us all! Enormous cheers from the crowd who responded “we’re not leaving!” — caren (@_carens_) November 26, 2023

“We don’t believe there is a military solution,” Saper said. “We believe the causes of violence are oppression. We first need to address 75 years of Israeli apartheid. Sixteen years of suffering and blockade against the people of Gaza.”

Hour 3 of the Manhattan bridge blockade. The sun’s going down. People are dancing to keep warm. Still no mass arrests. — hurwitz (@sophiehurwitz) November 26, 2023

Images posted online showed a giant banner declaring “Let Gaza Live” unfurled from the bridge while the New York Post reported that another activist spray painted “Gaza” on the structure.

While the protest was cheered on by leftists who supported the cause, many enraged New Yorkers were not so sympathetic.

Hey @NYCMayor when do you plan on doing something about this traffic terrorism? It’s been several hours that this group has impeded the flow of traffic on the Manhattan bridge. You have a bunch of officers standing around, allowing this to happen. You explicitly said this… — Reza Chowdhury (@RezaC1) November 26, 2023

“Oh hell no — I have to get across the bridge!” fashion model Pam Allen, who was on her way to a show in Brooklyn, told The Post. “I’m all for peace, but this right here, this is a problem.”

“I get it, I understand the message — but this solves nothing!” she added in a sentiment echoed on social media.

This is how you solve NOTHING. Pro-Palestine Protestors shutting down the Manhattan Bridge. — FFT1776™ (@FFT1776) November 27, 2023

“I’m just trying to get home after working all night!” another person told The Post. “This makes me mad. How do I get home?”

The hours-long stunt earned many negative reactions on X:

BLM. Trump. Climate Change. Palestine. Woke assholes will use any excuse to make your day as miserable as theirs. They just shut the Manhattan Bridge. — End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) November 26, 2023

It’s the “I support the current / next big thing” movement. Why else are Pride, Greta/Climate, and BLM in the mix? — Its Not Rocket Science (@UseCmnSensePlz) November 26, 2023

Leftist mob privilege entitles you to illegally shut down a major thoroughfare in America’s largest city, dare the police to stop you and brag about how they won’t. — Western Lensman (@WesternLensman) November 26, 2023

If you want everyone to hate you and have zero respect for your cause just block traffic! — Big Tom Callahan (@CallahanAutoCo) November 26, 2023

Hey, let’s protest for peace by causing chaos and disruption. There’s absolutely nothing like making people late and trapping them in gridlocked traffic to get everyone on board with your cause. — Greg ️‍ (@gregissnacking) November 26, 2023

About 1500 Pro Palestinian protestors are blocking Manhattan Bridge. Stopping people from getting to work or blocking someone who is having a medical emergency isn’t going to create a ceasefire. Nothing more than liberals wanting — Captain Christopher MAGA ‍☠️ (@RealCaptainMaga) November 26, 2023