Despite polls showing that black voters are turning their backs on Joe Biden’s bid for a second term, the president’s principal deputy campaign manager, Quentin Fulks insisted on Sunday that the incumbent has done more for the African American community than any previous administration.

Voters, Fulks told ABC’s Martha Raddatz on “This Week,” are just anxious about the “threat” of Republican control.

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“Polls show that the campaign is underperforming with black voters compared with 2020 exit polls,” Raddatz said, adding that Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) said he is “very concerned” about the numbers.

According to a recent GenForward survey, “nearly 1 in 5 Black Americans, 17 percent, said they would vote for former President Donald Trump. And 20 percent of Black respondents said they would vote for ‘someone else’ other than Biden or Trump,” Politico reported.

“Why has support for President Biden dipped?” she asked Fulks.

Despite polls showing the Biden-Harris campaign is underperforming with Black voters, deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks tells @MarthaRaddatz: “No administration has done as much for the African American community as Pres. Biden and Vice Pres. Harris.” https://t.co/bR3ycLpfin pic.twitter.com/NZAs4oou9j — This Week (@ThisWeekABC) January 21, 2024

“I think what a lot of people are expressing is urgency,” Fulks explained. “They sense a sense of urgency because of the threat that Republicans posed to, you know, America right now and that’s precisely why the president and the vice president are running for reelection to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”

“When it comes to African American voters, I want to be very clear about this, that no administration has done as much for the African American community, as President Biden and Vice President Harris,” he stated. “We’re talking about black wealth being up 60 percent, the racial wealth gap being the lowest it has been in recorded history.”

“We have to continue to take this message directly to African-American voters and our campaign has done that,” Fulks said. We’ve come out of the gate with very large buys targeted at African American voters, organizing in their communities to send a clear signal that one, we don’t take them for granted, two, we recognize that we need to earn their support in this campaign, and communicate with them all the ways in which this administration has– all the work that this administration has done to make their lives better.”

“And that also has to be in juxtaposition to the contrast of what the Republicans are putting forward,” he added. “There is going to be a choice in this election, and we have the choice about all of the things that I just laid out that President Biden and Vice President Harris have done for the African American community and what’s on the Republican side, which is ripping away healthcare, pledging to repeal the ACA that would drive African American uninsured rates through the roof. That’s the choice that African American voters are going to have.”

It remains unclear if the Biden campaign can overcome the effects of his failure to close the border on America’s cities.

As BizPac Review reported, in Chicago, where the migrant crisis has overwhelmed the Windy City’s resources, three black men went viral in December with a video showing American vets sleeping in tents as the asylum seekers receive heated accommodations at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to taxpayers.

‘Dem Party is DONE in Chicago!’ Black voters decry treatment of homeless while migrants get the ‘welcome mat’ https://t.co/aRQOUlJRMz via @BIZPACReview — BPR based (@DumpstrFireNews) December 22, 2023

“We’re seeing increased taxes we’re struggling to pay our mortgages, we’re struggling to pay our bills, and we have thousands of dollars every month. Millions of dollars, five hundred million dollars this year to support foreign nationals and that’s coming out of our pocket,” one of the men states in the video. “This is government oppression at its finest.”

“We just need to start voting differently,” the man said. “We need to start pulling ourselves out of these government institutions, starting with the public school system and we need to move on from big government and from the city of Chicago’s political machine.”

“We gonna flip Chicago red,” another man vowed. “The Democrat Party is done in Chicago!”