Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

On the weekend when another major poll shows President Joe Biden losing his reelection bid, there could be hope on the horizon for the deeply unpopular incumbent as one of the Democratic party’s biggest names is reportedly set to lend a helping hand.

According to a report by NBC News, failed former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be among those who are deployed to save the flailing incumbent’s skin although some might question the wisdom of a prominent role for the embittered sore loser of the 2016, a contest that was hers for the taking until a series of critical missteps in traditionally blue states aborted her historic presidency before it ever began.


“People close to Hillary Clinton anticipate she’ll be a tireless campaigner for the Biden campaign, rallying Democratic voters by laying out the stakes and explaining why a Trump victory could subvert America’s democratic norms,” the outlet reported.

BREAKING: Biden has enlisted Election Denier Hillary Clinton to help sell his re-election bid — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) December 10, 2023

“At the end of the day, Biden needs all the help that he can get,” one unnamed Democratic strategist is quoted by the outlet. “What he needs is both the spirit and the actual reality of unity.”

“We are very eager to get our surrogates engaged,” said one of “two people familiar with his campaign’s effort,” neither of which were named by NBC News, expressing hope that some of the party’s big names will whip up support for the moribund Biden, especially Barack Obama and his “formidable star power” along with the Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“I don’t know of a couple that could be any more helpful to President Biden than the Clintons,” said former Democrat senator Tom Daschle. “They have an enormous level of support and admiration within the Democratic Party.”

Hillary’s magic touch – or lack thereof – was demonstrated over the weekend when Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) was absolutely creamed in her efforts to become the first black, female mayor of Houston, a drubbing so thorough that it could be a signal that the end is near for the longtime congresswoman’s political career.

The near 30-point beatdown came after Jackson Lee landed the coveted endorsement of the former first lady.

I endorse and proudly support my friend, @SJacksonLee, to be the next mayor of Houston. Her relentless efforts in Congress prove she has the experience and vision to lead Houston into the future. She’s always been a fierce champion for her constituents, and I have no doubt… — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 18, 2023

If Jackson Lee and other Democrats thought that Clinton would be a difference-maker, they were sadly mistaken, could it be that she will also be the “kiss of death” for Biden’s hopes? X users shared their thoughts.

What could go wrong?? — Karl Dickey (@karldickey) December 10, 2023

Giving her track record, this is not a good thing for Biden — Jack Spitz (@JackSpitz5) December 10, 2023

Perfect! The kiss of death! — joopi.eth (@aiartnftcollect) December 10, 2023

The two most treacherous and dishonest presidential candidates of all time team up. Shocking. — Albert Latham (@albert1776) December 10, 2023

THE FINAL SATANIC KISS OF DEATH… — CoreValuesWin (@CoreValuesWin) December 10, 2023

Nail in the coffin — FoggyDew (@_FoggyDew) December 10, 2023

Great news for Trump — GAPolWatcher (@GAelectioneyes) December 10, 2023

According to the newly released poll by the Wall Street Journal, Biden would lose to Trump and even former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley although the big numbers for the establishment darling seem to be a bit fishy with a 17-point differential from a media that is carrying her water, but it is yet another poll showing that Biden and his party are in big time trouble.

“She is the proof point of what can happen if you throw away your vote on someone other than President Biden because you’re mad at one little thing,” NBC News quoted an anonymous longtime party strategist on the role that Hillary could play in keeping Democrat voters possibly eying a third party alternative on the reservation. “That happened to her.”