An Israel-hating mob disrupted the California Democratic Party convention in Sacramento over the weekend, another sign that Democrats have lost control of the monster that they created with their implicit sanctioning of anti-Semitism.

On Saturday, the party was forced to cancel events after a crowd of reportedly around 1,000 angry pro-Hamas protesters waving Palestinian flags and demanding a ceasefire in Gaza overwhelmed security and invaded the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center.


“Ceasefire now!” the mob chanted once it was inside the building at the event featuring speakers that included Democrat Reps. Adam Schiff, Katie Porter, and Barbara Lee who are vying to fill the state’s Senate seat that was vacated when Dianne Feinstein died.

Thousands are occupying California Democratic Convention in Sacramento, both floors of the building completely shut down. CEASEFIRE NOW @POTUS pic.twitter.com/Zrkmx8S5G7 — Ariel Koren (@ariel_koko) November 19, 2023

California Democrat convention Sacramento Biden Biden you will see Palestine will be free pic.twitter.com/Uc1HVVib1O — NarrativeBuster (@PakWillWin) November 19, 2023

@MBandurKCRA California Democratic Convention SHUT DOWN in Sacramento in solidarity with Palestinians being targeted for #genocide by American tax payer funded bombs #CeasefireNow pic.twitter.com/TiJFcFjowH — Shake The Gate (@shakethegate) November 19, 2023

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, and for the safety and security of our delegates and convention participants, we are cancelling tonight’s caucus meetings, hospitality suites and VoteFest taking place at the convention center,” California Democratic Party spokesperson Shery Yang said in a statement.

(Video: YouTube/Fox 40 News)

“Free Palestine” and “In November we’ll remember,” chants rang out from Hamas sympathizers who participated in the protests, some carried signs reading “Stop U.S. Aid for Genocide” and “DEFUND ISRAEL DEFEND PALESTINE!” The Sacramento Bee reported.

Also heard was the chant of “Genocide Joe,” referring to President Joe Biden who has been under intense pressure from Jew-hating extremists to bully Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into calling off the dogs against the terrorists who massacred over 1,300 of his citizens in a sneak attack last month, butchering people inside of their own homes.

Another familiar chant, “from the river to the sea” which has been widely interpreted as a call for the eradication of the Jewish nation and the extermination of Israeli Jews, a modern version of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s “final solution” rang out. The genocidal mantra has been mainstreamed and parroted by sitting members of Congress, most notably Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) who was recently censured in a bipartisan rebuke by her fellow House members.

“Today, anti-Israel protesters stormed the Sacramento Convention Center and shut down the grassroots California Democratic Party Convention. In doing so, they chanted, among other things, ‘from the river to the sea,’ which is a call for the eradication of the State of Israel. They also chanted ‘resistance is justified when people are occupied,’ an apparent reference to Hamas’s October 7 attack — the largest mass murder, rape, and kidnapping of Jews since the Holocaust,” the California Legislative Jewish Caucus said in a statement condemning the actions of the pro-Hamas mob.

The Jewish Caucus released the following statement: pic.twitter.com/v0DdLsvNUn — CA Legislative Jewish Caucus (@CAJewishCaucus) November 19, 2023

“A number of Jewish delegates — who were already very anxious attending the convention, given the spike in antisemitism since the October 7 massacre by Hamas — now believe it is unsafe to participate at all. We must never allow the Democratic Party to be unsafe for anyone,” the statement read. “We fully support the right to protest loudly and vociferously. But storming through security and shutting down a democratic process — particularly with chants calling for the destruction of Israel and appearing to justify the Hamas attack — is completely unacceptable.”

The disruption came days after another anti-Israel mob stormed the headquarters of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) in Washington, D.C. last week, also demanding a ceasefire.