Ted Cruz opponent

Lone Star State leftist indoctrination came courtesy of $1 million in taxpayer funds thanks to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R) top rival’s nonprofit connections with an eye on kids.

An intersectional smörgåsbord of Marxist ideologies pushed by Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ activists was the raison d’être of the Dallas-based nonprofit Big Thought working to inject “racial equity and identity” into curriculum for students as young as four years old.

According to a report from Fox News, incumbent Democratic Rep. Colin Allred, seeking to secure a Senate nomination to unseat Cruz, already successfully obtained $1 million in funding for the nonprofit through a request presented as a community funding opportunity.

Framed in his request as “creating wider access to learning opportunities, increasing the time youth spend in programming outside of school and ensuring availability of high-quality programs,” the group that “serves over 100,000 youth annually,” made no effort to conceal its biases on a supposed “white supremacist system”

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The website, which promoted getting kids to “see the world through an equity lens,” linked to content about racial prejudices and transgenderism, like the play “Andi Boi” that suggested, “more and more young people are coming to terms with gender identity and transitioning.”

According to Fox News, Big Thought’s social media also included a 2020 clip of a youth expressing, “America should be spelled with three K’s since their favorite hobby is collecting black bodies.” Accompanying the video was a comment from the group that said the message “projects hope that our nation can change, our communities can heal and that youth can lead the way.”

The congressman, who had named Big Thought president and CEO Byron Sanders to his advisory committee in 2021, touted the funding for the group that promoted EmbraceRace’s teaching that “by age five and six, your kindergarten student has already begun to categorize people based on these social norms and to move into, slowly move into, acting on those, and that’s were pre-prejudice becomes prejudice.”

On his own Facebook page in January, he said he was “proud to secure federal funding to help them continue their important work,” and then in July noted, “Many students fell behind because of the pandemic, but our school districts are working with education orgs to ensure they can catch up. I was proud to secure funding for Big Thought, and they’re teaming up with Dallas ISD to get students back on track.”

Big Thought’s Sanders had been a vocal opponent of Texas’ HB 3979 that, in part, banned requiring school employees from having “to engage in training, orientation, or therapy that presented any form of race or sex stereotyping or blame on the basis of race or sex and could not require or make part of a course the concept that: one race or sex was inherently superior to another race or sex; an individual by virtue of the individual’s race or sex was inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously,” and other common suppositions prominent in Critical Race Theory applications.

“House Bill 3979 takes us backwards on the journey to a more equitable society,” claimed Sanders on Facebook in 2021. “House Bill 3979 puts blinders on our youth and handcuffs our teachers. It will have a negative impact for generations to come.”

The CEO was also outspoken in support of defunding the police and aimed to incorporate “Bringing Black Lives Matter into the Classroom” into the curriculum for all grade levels.

On their own website, they stated, “We join the rising voices of a diaspora across our cities, states and nation against the root of this ill: white supremacy and systemic racism. Racism is why youth of color are disciplined more frequently and with more severity in schools than their White peers. Racism is why people of color are more likely to be incarcerated and with longer sentences than White people. Racism is why persons of color are dying of Coronavirus at higher numbers than White people. And racism is why police violence is a leading cause of death for Black men, 2.5 times the rate of White men.”