Democrats who have spent years virtue-signaling about their sanctuary cities and championing open borders are showing that they are colossal hypocrites now that illegal aliens have been arriving in their cities by the busload with one of the biggest phonies being Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker.

The morbidly obese billionaire took his whining to Sunday morning television where he continued his complaining about the relocation of indigent foreign freeloaders from Texas to the Land of Lincoln, a gift from Republican Governor Greg Abbott whom he recently begged to stop sending in the bitterly cold winter as Chicago shelters are overflowing.

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Pritzker appeared on ABC’s “This Week” where he bemoaned his fellow governor only sending the illegal immigrants to deep blue cities and states where they have overwhelmed the ability to feed and shelter them and cut into resources normally reserved for residents, angering voters who have seen cuts in programs and essential services.

Democrat Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker says it’s not fair to send illegal immigrants to his sanctuary city: “There are plenty of other cities where, if he’s gonna send people, they could be sent — but no, he’s choosing only Democrat states, Democrat cities…” — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) January 14, 2024

“Not enough has been done, there’s no doubt about that,” he said. “I think that the president needs to do more, the Congress needs to do more. Cities out here that are the target of this political game that Governor Abbott is playing are suffering.”

“And here in Illinois, it’s minus-twenty-nine degrees outside with the wind chill, we have migrants that arrived from Texas virtually every day,” Pritzker continued. “Hundreds, and we don’t have places to put them.”

“We don’t have enough shelter space here. There are plenty of other cities where you know, if he’s gonna send people they could be sent, but no, he’s choosing only Democratic states, Democratic cities…, the governor complained.

On Friday, Pritzker put out a public letter to his Republican counterpart in Texas accusing Abbott of trying to “sow chaos in an attempt to score political points” with his enormously successful migrant relocation effort.

.@GovPritzker has sent a letter to @GregAbbott_TX “hoping to appeal to your humanity.” Pritzker explains the extreme cold Illinois is expected to face over the next week and asks he stop sending people during these conditions #twill — Ben Szalinski (@BenSzalinski) January 12, 2024

“You are now sending asylum seekers from Texas to the Upper Midwest in the middle of winter – many without coats, without shoes to protect them from the snow – to a city whose shelters are already overfilled with migrants you sent here,” Pritzker said in the letter. “You seem to have no interest in working on bipartisan solutions to the border crisis because that would put an end to your cruel political game, but I am writing to you today hoping to appeal to your humanity.”

But Governor Pritzker was singing a much different tune before Gov. Abbott took him up on his offer.

How dare Texas give me exactly what I wanted — Greg Price (@greg_price11) January 14, 2024

“Governor Pritzker also signed an executive order creating the Welcoming Illinois Office, to report to the Office of the Governor and the Secretary of the Department of Human Services while being housed and supported by the Department of Human Services. The Office will work to coordinate, develop and implement policies and practices to make Illinois a more welcoming and equitable state for immigrants and refugees. The Office will be led by the Senior Immigration Fellow,” the governor’s office said in an August 2021 press release.

“Throughout my governorship, I’ve directed my administration to adopt policies that make Illinois a welcoming state for immigrants, and I’m proud to sign these accountability measures into law to advance our cause,” Pritzker said at the time. “Every family, every child, every human being deserves to feel safe and secure in the place they call home. I am committed to making sure that value defines what it means to live in Illinois.”

What Pritzker or any other Democrat won’t do is call for Biden to close the border.